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The Multitasking Myth Recovery Plan

For generations, multitasking has been heralded as the cornerstone of a productive life. Displayed like a badge of honor, over 150,00 people still list it as a skill on LinkedIn. There’s only one problem—multitasking is a lie.


(CC Image Courtesy of Ryan Ritchie on Flickr)

I’m a recovering multitasker, myself. I used to think doing lots of things at once was the best way to get stuff done. It turns out I was wrong.

It is impossible to perform more than one task at the same time.

Why I Switched Web Hosting Providers From Bluehost to A Small Orange

I recently switched web hosting providers, moving from Bluehost to A Small Orange. I’m incredibly happy with the results, and my only regret is that I didn’t switch sooner. I now recommend A Small Orange to anyone who asks.

Why I Switched Web Hosting Providers From Bluehost to A Small Orange

A website is little more than a collection of files on a server that’s accessible via the internet. Unless you own and manage your own servers, paying a web hosting service for space is the simplest way to publish a website.

Host selection is crucially important, because a web hosting provider holds the keys to your site’s very existence.